World's best silk lined cap

Designed in Australia by two besties to provide the best haircare for women

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How to wear the Silqap

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  • Silque Co founders Shereen and Homma

    Our Story

    "We knew from the moment we created 'Silqap' that she was going to be big! there is nothing like this out there. Being women who wear the hijab ourselves, we knew the struggles women like us face everyday! We wanted to empower women by making them feel confident and beautiful in their hijab without compromising on hair health..."

    Our Story 
  • How to Lose The Cotton Cap in 10 'Reasons'

    "The traditional cotton hijab cap has been the same style for so long! I think my great grandma even wore it. So we had to ask ourselves why? As two doctors (optometrists) we went back to evidence based research, and that's how 'Silqap' was born: with keeping the features we like about our traditional hijab cap, and changing the things we don't!"

    If you want to know our 10 reasons you should switch to 'Silqap' read on:

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  • Keeping Up With My Hairline

    "Just because we wear the hijab, doesn’t mean we should neglect our hair. As women who wear the hijab, we want to be able to wear it confidently and proudly, without compromising on our hair health."

    Find out all the amazing benefits of our uniquely designed silk lined hijab cap 'Silqap'.

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