How to Lose The Cotton Cap in 10 'Reasons'

The traditional cotton hijab cap has been the same style for so long! I think my great grandma even wore the exact same traditional style. While we've seen other hijab cap styles pop up here and there, none have lasted too long, and the traditional one remains the one most used despite its many downsides of friction and slippage to name a few. So we had to ask ourselves why? As two doctors (optometrists) we went back to evidence based research, we conducted surveys, and that's how 'Silqap' was born: with keeping the features we like about our traditional hijab cap, and changing the things we don't! 

If you'd like to know personally why I think you should make the switch to our Silqap, read on: 

  1. Our unique silk lining: our Silqap is lined with 91% silk ALL the way to hairline (so important)! Having the silk layer start further back honestly defeats the purpose. So we made sure to engineer a way to make it happen. That means you get the benefits of silk where your hair needs it the most; the hairline! These include: hydration, breathability, and less friction, breakage, split ends, tangles, hair loss, and frizz. 
  2. Our anti-slip system: one of the main struggles we have with the hijab cap is that it constantly rides back revealing our ears and precious side burns. We trialed and tested so many anti slip methods and shapes to finally engineer the most comfortable anti-slip system in a hijab cap ever made! 
  3. The open/close design: we’ve combined the best of both worlds, an open cap design with a closed look. The open cap ensures all your hair is tucked in properly when worn, while the closed look with the drawstring & toggle system ensures full coverage and sleek look from the back. (Finally, no more pinning!)
  4. Our adjustable drawstring design to accommodate all hair types and sizes!
  5. Cost effective: think about how much money you save on hair products, treatments, and oils to eliminate frizz, split ends, hair loss, and hair breakage.
  6. A Sleek and aesthetic design that you’ll fall in love with. 
  7. Breathable: silk being one of the most breathable fabrics allows your scalp to breathe. It is perfect for sensitive skin and maintaining scalp health.  
  8. Easy to clean: this is our little secret- but you can actually wipe off make-up on the inner silk layer of the Silqap using wipes. 
  9. You can wear it to sleep: Silqap is perfect to wear to sleep to maintain luscious curls, beautiful braids, treated hair, or a hair style you'd like get more wear out of. 
  10. You can finally wear those nice sheer hijabs, because no hair will slip out and show!