Keeping Up With My Hairline

We’ve all had that moment in front of the mirror analysing our hairline, staring in confusion at the awkward tan line it has created. We think about the tension we place on our hair when it's pulled back in a tight bun all day long, everyday. Then add the friction from a cotton hijab cap, and all the additional pins we use to hold it in place from slipping back. Wow, we put our hair through a lot!

Just because we wear the hijab, doesn’t mean we should neglect our hair. As women who wear the hijab, we want to be able to wear it confidently and proudly, without compromising on our hair health. This was the conversation we had as two besties. We searched high and low for a solution, but to be quite frank, we couldn't find anything we were satisfied with. So we thought- fine, we'll do it ourselves! And got to work.

Why Silqap? you might ask. Because it is the only hijab cap that is lined with silk ALL the way to the hairline, with a unique open/close design, all while maintaining a sleek comfortable anti-slip design and full coverage from the back! (It took a lot of work to get here!) 

Silk for hair wrapping has been used traditionally in many cultures around the world dating back centuries. We were inspired by its rich history and amazing hair benefits. We were also inspired by the benefits of silk pillowcases that you might have heard about, and thought our cotton hijab cap can do better.

A silk lined hijab cap will not only maintain your hair health, but also help your scalp breathe. Silk has the ability to lock in moisture, keeping the hair hydrated, and has significantly less friction on the hair than the traditional cotton hijab cap. This reduced friction prevents frizz, hair breakage, brittle hair, and split ends, helping us keep up with our hairline. Silk also being one of the most breathable fabrics, allows our scalp to breath, which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin and scalps. 

All these benefits combined with the unique Silque Donut system we’ve created, will help keep our hair healthy, frizz free, and hydrated, so we can keep up with our hairlines. Designed by hijabis (who actually wear a hijab cap), we can relate to your struggles first hand and have come together to create our little hero 'Silqap'. We aim to empower hijabis by making them feel seen, creating solutions to their struggles, and revolutionising the way we care for our hair.