1. What inspired you to create this brand?

We were inspired by so many things! As hijabis ourselves we face so many struggles wearing the hijab on the daily. Having to wear a cotton cap all day can create so much hair damage, frizz, friction, and slippage. We wanted hijabi women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin without compromising on hair health. We couldn't find a solution to this, so we created our own! 

We also wanted to bring our personal style as two besties and modest fashion stylists into the brand and make it fun. Our style has been inspired by the energy and joy of the 60's/70's retro colours lately so we thought it would be fun to integrate that into our brand as well. 

2. What makes Silqap so unique?

The fact that our Silqap is lined with silk all the way the hairline! while still allowing stretch for it to be worn! It was challenging trying to figure out a design and technique to allow silk lining to reach all the way to the front hairline while still making it easy to wear and and stretchable. It took a whole year of research, trial and error, to create our one of a kind design- Silqap!

It is also the first hijab cap that has an inbuilt comfortable anti-slip system! And the first hijab cap that adopts an open/close design using a drawstring that sits low allowing a sleek bun shape when the hijab is worn, while keeping those front hairs from escaping!

3. Do you offer international shipping? 

Yes we do! International shipping is calculated based on your location and weight of your purchased order. 

4. What material is Silqap made of?

Our uniquely designed Silqap is lined with 91% silk and 9% spandex to allow for some stretch when wearing it. The outer shell in the Cream coloured cap is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The outer shell in the Midnight Black is 93% bamboo, and 7% spandex. 

 5. Do you have sizing options?

Our current Silqap design is a 'one size fits all'! The stretch of the cap allows for it to fit all different head sizes. The drawstring mechanism is also generous to allow for different hair lengths and textures. 

6. I don't wear a hijab. Can I still wear the Silqap?

Yes! Silqap is not only for women who wear the hijab. Silqap is for anyone who would like to wear a silk lined cap! Our Silqap would be perfect to wear to sleep, especially if you have treated hair, textured hair, curly hair, or styled hair that you'd like to get more wear out of. 

7. Is the drawstring secure?

Yes! Featuring our secure silicone toggle design, it will remain closed for as long as you need it to. It is also smooth to open when needed. 

8. Will you have more colour options?

We are hoping to bring the Silqap, Silque Donut, and hijab friendly masks in more colours based on your feedback! if you'd like a certain colour please let us know, and we will gather all your feedback and work on it!