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Silque Donut

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This is NOT a scrunchie!

It's so much better, and 100% silk. 

The revolutionary Silque Donut system prevents hair tension and a receding hairline by adopting a unique method to secure your hair in a bun without the need to tie your hair under the hijab!

The hair pins (included with your Silque Donut purchase) secure your bun in the perfect position, combined with the Silque Donut placed over your bun prevents the pins from moving. This system will give your bun the perfect volume and shape lasting all day long. 

Watch our tutorial video for instructions on how to wear the Silque Donut system.

Soundtrack credit in video: Lifes alright- Silicon Estate

Care: Please treat with care: cold hand wash with gentle detergent if required. Do not soak for more than 5 min. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

no idea how to use it, the card it comes with makes no sense, so i figured it out how to do it my own way and it works for me, but if u have shorter hair and u want volume just go see some tips on tiktok from other hijabis

Ameenah Chami
Pretty cool but not for everyone

It is a good product if your hair is not very thick and you would like some volume. the pins by themselves are really fun to use to tie your hair too. However I don't recommend for curly hair because it stretches out your curls.

Natasha Parisi
Very impressed

I bought these for both myself and two daughters. I expected at least one of us to not fully love it, but I was wrong. Super comfy and the only underscarfe we have worn that will not slip back. My 13 year old does PE class in it at school and says she doesn’t need to adjust it at all. I bought a small size for my 11 year old and regular for me and my 13 year old daughter and they all fit perfectly. Are quite expensive, but worth the investment.

Love it

I dont feel it on my head and no pulling. After long day i dont have itchy and paintful scalp. Makes great shape too