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Meet The Founders

Homma (left), Shereen (right)

Homma (left), Shereen (right). 

"We knew from the moment we created 'Silqap' that she was going to be big! There is nothing like this out there. Being women who wear the hijab ourselves, we knew the struggles women like us face everyday! We wanted to empower women by making them feel confident and beautiful in their hijab without compromising on hair health. We wanted them to feel seen by creating solutions to their struggles, that others might not know about or see. In saying that, Silqap is not restricted to women who wear the hijab, but anyone who would like to wear a silk lined cap is now able to! We wanted to give women more options, so we started Silque Co."  Shereen and Homma. 

Shereen and Homma; two besties, who met 12 years ago at uni and graduated together from UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science in 2015.

Shereen, as the creative director and cofounder, is passionate about redefining stereotypes and empowering women. She likes to share how her modest fashion styling intertwines with her career, motherhood, and lifestyle on her own Instagram page.

Homma, as the cofounder, is also an optometrist director who runs a busy clinic. She loves fashion and is passionate about giving back to the community by being a volunteer optometrist at the Asylum Seeker Centre.

Together, Shereen and Homma make the perfect team for Silque Co. Being women who wear the hijab day in day out, they went through and understood struggles hijabi women face every single day! They couldn't find a solution, so decided to create one themselves!

Their self-created Silqap wasn't an overnight invention. It took multiple designs, samples, trials, sleepless nights, and testing to finally perfect a silk lined cap that is stretchy enough to wear, anti-slip, sleek, and full coverage with a self adjustable closure at the back. 

Watch Shereen's and Homma's one year journey of Silque Co in 30 seconds. 


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